Internal finishes and fittings

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Asaf has installed the oak staircase, and Ding is laying the Junkers oak floor upstairs.

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Shower enclosures are getting tiled and plumbing ongoing.

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Heat Recovery

Today the heat recovery unit is being installed.

It is a PAUL NOVUS 300. It will bring fresh air into each room in the house via the ducts, whilst extracting the stale moist air. The unit cleverly extracts the heat from the stale air and puts it back into the building with the incoming fresh air. There are filters inside the unit which will provide clean, pollen free air. ( We can also open the windows if we want some wind to blow through, or listen to the church bells!)

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These photos were taken on site in July last year when the timber frame was being constructed. The duct work for the heat recovery runs in the first floor void from the plant room. There is an intake and extract duct for each room.

It is crucial that the services are coordinated with the structure at the design stage.

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Has begun! We have found that paint sprayed on gives a much better finish than paint that has been rollered on. Also several coats of 50/50 have been sucked up by the new plaster.