The Airtight layer

The timber framers are wrapping the external walls and roof with Agepan DWD protection. It is a 16mm thick tongue and grooved breather board which is sealed with mastic at each joint.

image      image   IMG_0492   IMG_0490


A layer of mastic is applied between the slab and the sole plate for an airtight detail, which is then anchored down into the slab with a steel bolt.



By the end of week 7 the airtight layer is complete.

image    image





image   IMG_0515

Another fantastic week of sunshine and fine weather has gone by and almost all the rafters are in place.

This is the end of week 5 and the timber framers are doing a great job of erecting the frame on programme.


A glimpse of blue sky through the large structural glulams above the stairs in the hallway. The opening is for the roof lights.

The Roof structure

image    image

The large glulam ridge beams are in place and the timber frame team are carefully hoisting the 350mm deep I rafters into place.


Taking shape

IMG_0706     image

Finally after 5 months of demolition, excavation and construction, the timber frame is taking shape. The sway frame is bolted into place and shows us the outline of the south facing elevation. The large glulam frame forms the structure. For the first time you can see the outline of the new house from the street. The two gable ends and ridge beams are now firmly in place.

image   image   image

There are still stacks of wood everywhere, each carefully labelled with a serial number and destination.

And up…

The first floor walls and roof are being erected.

image    image

Whilst the ground floor is taking shape.


Going up

At the end of week 3 the timber frame team have laid the first floor joists and started erecting walls to the first floor.

image    image

The I beams forming the entrance hallway at ground level have been clad with a 16mm thick DWD board which forms the airtight layer. The DWD board will eventually cover the entire house externally. We will then put the breather membrane over the DWD board, fix battens and cladding.